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Our History

In 2016, after dedicating 27 years of her life to the corporate sector, Sharnese Johnson, our founder/CEO, made the decision to embark on a new journey. Feeling a strong desire for change, she began her career as a driver for a local non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company. To her surprise, Sharnese discovered a deep sense of fulfillment in this line of work, as it allowed her to directly help others in her community.

Driven by her passion for assisting the elderly and disabled, Sharnese quickly realized that she wanted to do more than just provide transportation services. She recognized the need for reliable transportation not only among the elderly population but also among the disabled, veterans, and families throughout her community. With an unwavering determination to make a difference, Sharnese took a leap of faith and decided to start her own transportation service.

Equipped with her exemplary customer interaction skills and an innate desire to help those in need, Sharnese's new venture gained traction rapidly. Her commitment to providing exceptional service attracted a growing clientele, and she became known for her reliable and compassionate approach. Sharnese's transportation service flourished, meeting the needs of individuals requiring transportation to and from appointments, running errands, and more.

Recognizing the immense potential for expansion and the opportunity to cater to a broader range of community needs, Sharnese founded Optimal Reliability Transportation, LLC. This new venture allowed her to diversify her services and extend her reach beyond NEMT. Optimal Reliability Transportation now offers a wide range of transportation solutions, including childcare transportation, student transport, special needs transportation, airport transfers, medical supply delivery, and much more.

Sharnese's vision extends beyond the success of her own business. Passionate about empowering others to pursue their dreams, she dedicates time away from her transportation services to coach aspiring entrepreneurs. By sharing her knowledge and experiences, she hopes to inspire and guide individuals who are eager to start their own businesses, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within her community.

Today, Optimal Reliability Transportation stands as a testament to Sharnese Johnson's dedication and unwavering commitment to serving her community. Through her passion for helping others, she has built a thriving business that not only provides essential transportation services but also serves as a source of inspiration for others looking to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Optimal Reliability Transportation's Team

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